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Carry-All Playset Castle

Marx made a variety of castles.  Its most enduring and popular one was the carry-all castle, a tin-litho toy that was also its own carrying case.  Into this portable set would be packjed an assortment of knights, Vikings and accessories.  By the time of the carry-all sets, Marx's figure quality was at its apex.  Some of the finest, detailed miniatures graced the later playsets.  Of course, Marx saw that every detail was in place.  

Attractive castle set.  These are among the most common castles found on the second-hand collectible market.

Marx used lithography to give toys exquisite detail.  Note the well and sourtyard.

At a time when detail parts were too expensive and time-consuming, lithography procvided every little thing.

A back view with wide wooden door.  

later style Marx 54mm knights.

Marx 54mm knights, most of this set are based on the 6" figures.

Original Marx 54mm Vikings were cast in this mint green.  The set had two sets of Vikings, for a total of 18 Norsemen.

These late-Medieival knights are a sharp contrast to the pre-Medieiavl Norse / German warriors.

Vikings?  They look more like 5th century Germans.

Standard Marx tree, found in most playsets.

Standard plastic walls, found in many playsets.  

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