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Khaki Infantry Originals and Copies

If ever there were a popular set of army figures, the Herald brand has international appeal.  Herald's "Khaki Infantry" have been made by the millions, both by Herald and numerous copyists, cloners and outright "pirates." The figures have also appeared in shrunken form, in sizes from 54mm to 45mm to 35mm to 20mm.  Herald, a property of Britains, Ltd, also made popular lines of knights, ancient Greeks and Trojans, Coldstream Guards, Highlanders, Horse & Life Guards, and farm sets.

The "khaki" infantry are models of British soldiers of the 1950s.  They wear the post-World War II version of the flat helmet and carry postwar weaponry.  Original Herald sets had ten poses.  Illustrated here are the grenade thrower, officer, radio man, charging rifleman, advancing rifleman, wounded soldier, bazooka man, kneeling rifleman, standing rifleman.  Missing are three other poses: mine sweeper, marching rifleman and crawling rifleman.  those three poses are less common.  You can see why these figures would appeal to boys.  They have good detail and dynamic poses.

Britains' Herald figures from the early 70s.  The underside of base reads:"Made in Hong Kong for Britains Ltd."

Vinyl or PVC plastic figures on plastic base - base is a separate piece.  Helmets feature a very fine "camouflage netting" design.

These are one-piece figures molded in a greener shade than preceding figures.  Underside of base reads "Made in England":The words surround a stylized line drawing of a medieval trumpeter - a herald.  Some helmets are smooth, some have embossed camouflage netting.  Belts are painted green.

Figure to the right is molded in a grayish shade with helmet and webbed gear in black. Blue patches are painted on each shoulder. Sets were so painted so as to serve as "enemy" troops.  Green soldier has smooth helmet, grey has netted helmet.

Dark olive colored troops.  The underside is a deep circular impression, inside of which are the letters "VP".  Plastic is standard soft plastic.

These figures have smooth helmets, painted green with yellow dots to simulate camouflage..  

Olive plastic, green belts.  This is soft plastic.  Helmets are smooth.  Underside of base reads: "Made in British Hong Kong."

Herald infantryman in beret.

Herald originals: minesweeper, bazookaman and rifleman.

Note full pack with helmet carried on back.

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