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Original Plastic Soldiers

Most of the figures on this page are the earliest of the plastic army men of the 1940s and 1950s.  They appeared in numbers at the end of World War II and were enjoyed by millions of boys and girls.  Made by companies such as Beton, Bergen, Ajax, Archer and Plasticraft, the first wave of figures tended to run "big".  Sizes ranged from 2 3/4" to 4 inches.  These figures pretty much disappeared when the smaller-sizes Marx, Lido and Tim Mee figures hit the shelves.

Ajax figures were virtual copies of Barclay and Beton.  Note the radioman with World War 1 type antenna and helmet.  My grandmother kept a set of these type soldiers on hand for when the kids visited.

Beton figures: ammo carrier, GI in winter colors, pre-1940 type soldier.  My great aunt kept soldiers like these on hand for visiting children.

Plasticraft figures.  Note the exceptionally long rifles.

Original Ideal and Marx 60mm figures made of rubber.

Soldier at far left is a plastic "flat", probably fro ma target game.  Next figure is a clone of a Marx 6" figure.  Next figure is of unknown origin.  Final figure is a diving frogman from a cereal premium.

Tim Mee Civil War figures.  Unfair odds?  One Goober to four Yankees.  These were the most common Civil War figures seen in my neighborhood.

Beton / Bergen World War II figures.  They merely swapped out the old flat helmet for a new one, and replaced the old leggings with boots.  Here are the shooting rifleman, tommy-gunner, rifleman, grenade thrower, and another rifleman

More Beton/ Bergen figures: marching soldiers with flag, bazooka, radio, and rifle.  There are also a paratrooper and ammo carrier.

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