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20th Century Artillery

Crew of coastal defense gun.  Projectile is being rammed into tube. Foreground soldier has his hand on the powder charge.

16 inch coastal gun.  That's one BIG cannon!

Howitzer crew rams shell into the breech.

Fire Mission.  

This World War I crew mans a 75mm gun.

A 240MM gun packs a heavy punch.

This crew is preparing their position.

Fire mission at night.

This 37mm antitank gun is made to be movable.  It looks downright puny alongside other guns on this page.  One difference is that the antitank gun uses a high-velocity round fired directly at a target. The other guns fire explosives, and all except the coastal gun are meant for indirect fire.

South Korean troops with the 57mm antitank gun.  The British Army's called this gun a "6 Pounder."

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