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Army Man

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Spacemen in Action

Spacemen in Action II

Outer Space Adventure

UFO Spacemen

NEW - MPC "Mercury" Astronauts

Updated 08/04 - Click here for Classic Plastic Army Men - Soldier by Soldier

Troop Review

More Troops

Even More Troops

Odd Troops

More Odd Troops

Classic Army Men 1

Classic Army Men 2

Big Old Plastic Soldiers

Premier Soldiers

Dell Army Playset

Plasticraft Soldiers

MPC Army Soldiers

MPC Army Vehicles

NEW - Soldiers by Auburn

"Guns of Navarrone" Mountain Bunker

Modern Troops

Modern American G.I.s

Desert Storm Soldiers

Modern Troops with Mixed Weapons

3 1/2 inch "Rambo" Commandos

British Style Soldiers

British Paratroopers

Khaki Infantry

Infantry by British Makers

Crescent "Modern" British Infantry

Diecast Artillery

British Light Combat Vehicles

Battle Tactics for Plastic Soldiers

Kitchen Combat

Railyard Raid!

Railyard Raid II

"Thor" locomotive gun carrier

Marx Army Train

Lionel Missile Launching Train

Classic Tanks and Armored Vehicles

GI Joe TM  and other 12-inch Action Figures

Navy Folks

Scuba and Undersea Figures - scuba-duba-doo!

Navy Sailors

Fighting Lady Battleship

Western Shoot `em Up!

Classic Cowboys & Indians

Wacky Wild West Set

Sky King Western Figure

MPC Western Figures

Western Odds and Ends

Wild Western Transportation

Fort Apache

Fort Cheyenne by Ideal

NEW - Fort Tote-A-Way by MPC

Unique Cavalry and Indians

Crescent Civil war & U.S. Cavalry Figures

40mm Western Figures by Merten

War of 1812

More War of 1812

Battle of Queensland, War of 1812

Battle of Queensland II



More Dinosaurs!

Ancient Warriors and Vikings

Vikings by Conte

Medieval Warriors

Knights and Merry Men

Medieval Figures

Medieval Figures' Accessories

The Medieval Soldiery

Knight's Playset

Knight's Playset 2

Playmobile Castle

Plastic Knights

Classic Johillco Knights

More Johillco and Metal English Knights

Britiains' Metal Knights

British-Made Plastic Knights

Classic Lido Toy Knights

Classic MPC Knights

MPC Castle asnd Ballista

Landsknechts by Merten

Knights by Merten

Late Medieval Knights

Medieval Heavy Equipment

Medieval Heroes and Monsters

Carry All Playset Castle

Carry All Castle Accessories

Bodenburg Castle

New Metal Knights

Pewter Medieval Figures

Roman "Comic Book Flats"

Battle of Yorktown Figures

Farm, Zoo and Ranch Toys

Farms by the Bag

Jungle Animals or Not?


East German Infantry

Soviet Tank Riders and a Surprise

Russian-Made Soviet Troops

Fire & Police Figures

SWAT Police

Special Police Units, Old & New

Blue Modern Soldiers

 Gray 'M16" Soldiers

Large Army Men (6" figures)

Action Classic Scuba Duba Toys

World War I Figures

World War I Composition Figures

More Old Composition Figures

 Toy Railroad Figures

Tin Robots

Novelty Figures

What makes for Good figures

A Can of Troops

Army Stuff

Modern Army Equipment

Modern Army Artillery Oddity

Modern Army Recon Vehicles

20 / 25mm Western Figures

20 / 25mm Vikings and Knights

NEW - Tiny Soldiers and Tanks (H.O. Size)

Cheap Clones

Enlarged Clones

Modern Army Clones

1/35 and 1/40 "Model Kit" Soldiers

Instruction Sheets for Lifelike / Revell 1/40 Model Kit Soldiers

Instruction Sheets for Monogram 1/35 Model Kit Soldiers

Instructions for assembling MPC Tanks

Instructions for assembling Marx Navarrone Mountain / Hilltop Alpha

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