Real Military IQ

See how you do on these questions:

  1. If an officer in the US, British and German Armies is called by his rank (e.g. Lieutenant Smith, Major Wilton-Foople, Oberstleutnant Schultz), how is a Navy officer addressed?
  2. Which vehicle has more combat survivability: M1 Abrams tank, Lepard 1 tank, T-72 tank, BRDM, Abbot self-propelled Gun, AM-TRACK?
  3. The standard helmet for Nato troops is made of: steel, polyurethane, fiberglass, Kevlar?
  4. Which countries are NOT part of Nato?  Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Khazakstan, Finland?
  5. Which equipment is standard in EVERY Army? Canteen, entrenching tool, bayonet, parka, compass, mosquito net?

Army Men I-Quiz

You might know the real military, but how well do you know Army Men?  Let's see!

  1. The best armored fighting vehicle is the: M41 Walker Bulldog, M1 Abrams, M551 Sheridan, M48 Patton tank, Paladin Armored car, Panzer 5 "Panther", PZVI "Tiger"?
  2. The best armored personnel carrier is the: M113 APC, BTR152, M3/4 Half Track, USMC "Amtrack"?
  3. The good guys are molded in: green, khaki, tan, grey, blue?
  4. Which aircraft can drop paratroopers? Globemaster, Piasecki Chopper, Huey, C-47, Stuka?
  5. What do Germans do when they capture anything (pre-1970 rules)?
  6. If you use Civil War soldiers to bolster the ranks when playing Army Men, which side do the Confederates go to?
  7. What is the most survivable vehicle?  M48, Half Track, Armored car, Jeep, Lionel diecast 4-4-2 locomotive, Motorcycle?
  8. Which weapons does more damage: Thompson submachine gun, .45 caliber pistol, M1 carbine, Mauser rifle, samurai sword?
  9. How often must an individual Army Man replenish his supply of ammo?
  10. In which railroad cars can Army Men ride safely? Hopper, gondola, flat car, boxcar, tank car, caboose?
  11. Action Figures are: toy soldiers, military figures, army men, dolls?
  12. Boys who play with dolls are: sissies, pansies, wimps, girls, weirdoes?
  13. What is the best reason to set up Army Men under the Yule tree: re-enact the Battle of the Bulge, can't find the Nativity creche, memories of December in Fort Dix, it annoys Mom?
  14. Who is the greatest general: George Patton, Dwight Eisenhower, Heinz Guderian, Erwin Rommel, Norman Schwarzkopf, (did you notice - three Germans in a row!), The Duke of Wellington, Ord Wingate, King Olaf?
  15. How do we know he is the greatest?
  16. Which is more likely to ruin an Army Man: firecracker, dog, lighter fluid & matches, rocks?
  17. Who REALLY won the Civil War: North, South, Nobody, the Indians, the people who manufacture toy soldiers?
  18. Which is the BEST brand of Army Men: Lido, MPC, Ideal, Marx, Timmee, Hong Kong Fuey?
  19. Who is more likely to own action figures: Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Saddam Hussein?
  20. Now that the Cold War is over and WW2 has been finished for 50 years, who are the bad guys to Army Men? The British, the French, Russians, Germans, the Navy, Turks, the Hittites, The Virgin Islands?

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