An open letter to Visitors, Manufacturers and Retailers

You can help make our Army Men Homepage even better!  We're already thrilled that so many have visited our page and told us how much they enjoyed it.  The overriding consensus is that The Army Men Homepage brings both the toys and the joys of being a kid.  That's great, because our goal is happiness.  We believe in bringing folks the good things in life.  To this end, we have built our Army Men Homepage and our Railroad websites.

It isn't cheap!  Just the cost of film and developing can be staggering for a home-based operation like ours.  We've already dropped a bundle making our railroad sites a massive success.  Now, as I write, we've invested more in having our first batch of Army Men photos developed.  We have also had to buy trains, toy soldiers and playsets so as to have something to photograph.  

Right now, we need more figures to photograph.  We are looking for spacemen, pirates, wild west playsets, army men, tanks and halftracks, and other assorted goodies to provide imagery for our site.  If you have any old toy soldiers you can spare, please email us.  We'll make it easy for you to send them to us.  Everyone who contributes will be duly noted on this website.

Those who manufacture or sell plastic figures can contribute and expect recognition, too.  In fact, those who provide will have an additional link to their website so our visitors might become potential customers.  We will also see that your name is conspicuous when we display photos of what you send us.  Think of it this way - if folks see your stuff here and associate your name with it, where will they go when they want to buy it?  Email us if you'd like to be on our website

Here's a list of what we need to make this site a success:

Spacemen, all kinds, including the Marx spacemen and aliens, Glencoe reissued hard plastic spacemen, and other examples from the 50s and 60s.  Also, accessories, vehicles, spaces ships, rockets, robots, etc.

Soldiers, especially the older 50s and 60s types, including tanks, half tracks and accessories.

Pirates, all kinds, including guns, ships, etc.

Playset stuff: forts, pillboxes, buildings, missile launchers, mountains, terrain features, etc.

Western figures, especially those that are no longer made.

Spy figures, specifically James Bond figures and accessories and The Man From Uncle figures.

Knights: knights, Vikings, Robin Hood, Romans, and other ancient and medieval figures. casltes, forts ships, accessories.

We appreciate your taking the time to read our letter, and we thank you for any help you can give us.


Thor Sheil

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