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Ajax G.I.s

A popular maker of plastic figures, Ajax produced spacemen, cowboys & Indians and soldiers.  These were initially made in hard plastic, and many sets were sold painted.  The figures tended to run larger than standard 54 / 60mm ( 2 1/4" to 2 1/2") soldiers. They reflected the earlier prewar Toy Soldiers standard with larger figures.  Ajax's World War II G.Is were mostly copies of the popular Barclay "pod foot" lead figures.  Only as few, such as the bazookaman,  were totally original figures.  The Ajax figures were sold well into the 1960s.

There is no sense of scale here.  The bazookaman is a giant, and the marching figure and radioman are much bigger in scale than the others.

Grenade Thrower

Kneeling rifleman

Bazooka Man - a large, robust figure that used entirely new sculpting

Submachine gunner.  The weapon is supposed to resemble a Thompson submachine gun with drum magazine.

Advancing rifleman

Light machine gunner.  The weapon is supposed to be a .30 caliber air-cooled machine gun.  

Painted marching soldier

Field radioman - note flat helmet and antenna.  It would have been difficult to resculpt the helmet without losing the antenna, thus the pre-War style figure in a postwar set.

Three color variations are noted here: light green in soft plastic, hard plastic brownish olive drab, hard plastic dark olive green.  The center and right figures have lost their antennae.

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