More Classic Army Men

A detailed look

   --This photo shows the accurate proportions and detail of the Marx German infantry.  The physical dimensions are true to form. The firing hand is in the correct position on the rifle. BMC's German soldier suffers from bad proportion, oversized head, ill-fitting and unrealistic attempt at a "German" helmet, and a stance that is utterly ridiculous.  These helmets actually resemble early Soviet designs!

Note the firing hand on the rifle.  Is he firing that rifle or strumming it like a banjo?

This marching soldier's accurate proportions, well-detailed uniform and face give him realism and "personality," making him one of the finest figures of this type. What could have been a dynamic pose is horribly scarred by disproportionate limbs and head, and a helmet that's not quite right.
Crude but effective, Lido's US officer with pistol is all action

Lido's prone rifleman has a sniper scope!  Though crude in comparison with Marx, his correct proportions and amazing, if crude detail (notice entrenching tool on belt) make him a desirable figure.  No wonder Lido sold millions of bags of these troops!

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