Classic Army Men

A detailed look

A brief little look at the nature and character of popular and common plastic toy soldiers.

The Marx brand of GI is notable for accurate porportions, good detail and "personality."  Marx figures are the standard for superb plastic soldiers.  The posture, cocked helmet and individual details of this marching figure make him an individual with feeling, mood and motive.

Here's a new toy soldier by BMC.  Detail and pose are offset by poor proportions and attention to certain details.  The disproportionate arms and head and the mis-shapen helmet diminish the figure' s appeal

Animated, realistic poses make a difference, as seen by this grenade-throwing Marine by Marx.  Note the unusual pose and detail of this figure.

Arms too long, legs too short, all proportions off, a too-thin neck and too big head, not to mention a pose that is unnatural.  NO rifleman stands like that!

This figure by Lido is crude and less detailed, by comparison, yet retains good proportions, an active pose and a bit of "personality"

Here's a pose that looks good, but again is offset by proportions and the balloon head in shrunken helmet.  Notice the goofy position of the firing hand?

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