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20 / 25mm Western Figures

Giant, a Hong kong company, made most of its figures by copying larger 54mm figures from other makers, and having them shrunk to the 20 / 25mm range. Others have since followed suit, as exemplified by this recent Chinese set.  The 25mm figures are copies of 54mm Airfix pieces, and the accessories are scaled-down copies of items packed in 50 - 54mm scale bagged toy sets. Cheap or not, better figures occasionally retain details in the "shrinking".

These accessories are 25mm scale versions of those found in current full-size bagged playsets. Note the palm trees.  Oddities like this are common  with Chinese-manufactured sets.

These cowboys are 25mm size copies of 54mm Airfix Western figures.  Note the good detail.

Western horses are copies of the old Giant ones.

Typical copy of Giant horse.  Indians are 25mm copies of Airfix 54mm figures

Indians also show good detail.

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