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Narrow Gauge Trains

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Pine Creek Railroad

The Pine Creek Railroad is part of the NJ Museum of Transportation, located at Allaire State Park.  Pine Creek has the distinction of being one of the few real railroads whose trackage is an oval, like the common toy train set.  It is a "narrow gauge" railway, meaning that the distance between the rails is narrower than the standard gauge of US railroads.  Narrow gauge trackage is used for industrial, mining, logging, and operations in difficult terrain.

Along with having a car barn and engine house, Pine Creek features genuine railroad buildings from regional roads, among them the old Freneau Station of the Central RR of NJ, and watchman's shanties from the Pennsylvania RR.  Locomotives include a variety of gas, diesel and stream; rolling stock includes both passenger and freight cars.

The Pine Creek Railroad offers train rides on weekends from May to October.  It''s worth a visit....and parent might like the idea that it's a nice, thrifty day out with the kids.  Pine Creek Railroad and Allaire State Park are easily reached from Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

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NEW - Locomotive #26 on New Year's Day

NEW - More Critters

NEW - The Molly Maguire Train

NEW - Ore Cars and Odd Cars

NEW - Baldwin 2-6-0 Mogul in pieces

NEW - Baldwin 2-6-0 Mogul in Pieces, 2

NEW - Baldwin 2-6-0 Mogul in Pieces, 3

NEW - 25 tonner with train

NEW - The view from the Train

NEW - Another view from the Train

Steam Locomotive #26 in action

Steamers: 2-6-2 and an Irish locomotive

CP&W Vulcan Locomotive

Shay locomotive

Gas and Diesel Locomotives

Critters!  Little Locomotives!

Center Cab Diesel

Rolling Stock and detail photographs.

Plymouth Switcher

Small cars

Dump Car

Industrial Flat Car

Even More Narrow Gauge Cars

Even More Cars & Locomotives

Other Locomotives

Locomotives and Details

Bobber Caboose, Lady Edith and The Mystery Car

Pine Creek at Work

The Yard and Track Work

Other Details of Trains and Equipment

Narrow Gauge Couplers

More Wheels and Couplers

Railroader's Day

More Railroader's Day

Even More Railroader's Day

The Special Train!

If you want more information about the Pine Creek Railroad, click here to visit their website.

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