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Medium-Sized HO Layouts

Included here are numerous Layouts.  Each heading below has one or more track plans for HO Trains.  Sizes range from 4' by 8' and larger, except for a 2' by 12" layout which is of necessity narrow.  We have illustrated each layout as best we can.  Since brands of track and availability vary, you may have to alter your actual plan slightly.  You will not have to make major adjustments, however.  All of these plans offer you a full range of model railroading action and opportunities for adaptation, expansion and superb scenery work.

Note that some track plans have reversing tracks.  Reversing tracks must be insulated from the main line and wired differently.  Wiring will depend on which device you use to control the track, as each has its own instructions.  The Atlas Controller is an example, in that it includes the device and everything you need to know to wire it properly for smooth operation.  We have made certain to indicate the very, very few instances where reversing tracks exist in e layout.

1) Point to Point Railway for 4' by 8'

2) 5 New 4' by 8' Point to Point Railways from One

3) Two 4' by 8' HO Switching Layouts

4) Four Classic Oval HO layouts for 4' by 8'

5) Oval and Siding Layouts for HO

6) Relaxed Freight Shunting Layout for HO

7) Classic HO Loop & Siding Layouts

8) Long 4' by 10'  Pierside Railway Layouts for HO

9) Basic Oval Layout with Passing Siding

10) Long Semi-Dogbone Type Layouts

11) Long Two-Track Semi Dogbone Layouts

12) Dogbone with Wye and Sidings

13) Dogbone Layout with Two Branchlines and Sidings

14) Dogbone Switching and Shunting Layouts

15) Large L-Shaped Layouts.

16) Simple Semi-Dogbone Railway Layout for HO

17) 2' by 12' Shelf Layout for HO

18) Big Trolley Layouts for HO

19) Large Portside Facility Railways

20) Massive Portside Layouts for HO

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