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Trolley Layout for HO

4' by 12' Layout is fun to run!

This amusing and amazing trolley layout is 4' by 12', and uses standard HO switches, three 30 degree crossovers and tight Atlas 15" curves. Narrow-radius track was common in cities where the trolleys ran.  You get a lot of action and plenty of opportunity to do some stellar scenery, be it urban, suburban or inter-urban.

Depending on your particular track and turnouts, your crossovers may have to be a different angle.  Atlas makes a wide variety of crossovers in different degrees, should you need a different size.

The basic layout: note that it uses no less than three 30 degree crossovers, leading to some interesting routes for trolleys and motorized units.

Variant A: Here we have added a passing siding at the top.  It can be a siding or major terminal.  In the right section, we have added an optional reverse track.  For those who want to use them, reverse tracks must be insulated off and wired specially.

Variant B; No reverse track, just the passing siding and, to the right, a straight spur that could be a car barn or terminal.

Another spur is added, this time to the left.  These sidings can be shop facilities, or one can be a spur while the other is an odd station stop.

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