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Large L-Shaped Layouts for HO

12" by 8" Shelf-Type Layouts

What if you do not have the space for a wide layout?  Try a shelf layout and place the loops where you can!  For most of its length, this layout does not extend 2 foot from the wall.  The only wider space is needed for the end loops,.  All additional trackwork is done inside the long loop.  You get plenty of continuous running in a  narrower space.

Here is the basic loop to loop.  Its furthest extension from the wall is 40 to 42 inches at the loops. In between, it extends less and 2 feet.  This one has a passing siding.

Here we add a passing siding to the inside of the loop on the back edge.

You can add a variety of lines, spurs and sidings inside the loop itself.  We used 18" curves.  You can use #4 and #6 switches.  They allow good switching without demanding as much space as standard HO switches.

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