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Semi-Dogbone Two-Track Layout

4' by 12' Point-to-Point line inside the dogbone

We take the 4' by 12" dogbone layout in a different direction here.  The inner rail line is point-to-point.  It has plenty of sidings, and can host both a commuter and freight shunting operation.  All is done within the continuous running of the semi-dogbone track plan.  You can have a lot of fun with this unique combination.

This basic dogbone is an appealing blend of linear and circular motion.  22" radius curves are used here.

Using #4 switches, we add a point-to-point railway inside the dogbone complete with sidings.  Connection with the outer line is made at upper right.  Note crossover on left quadrant of the inside rail line.  All curves used inside the dogbone are 18" radius.

Note the cunning addition of sidings to the right, which include a "short cut". Again, 18" curves are used inside the dogbone, while the dogbone itself has 22" radius curves.

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