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Basic 4' by 8' Oval Layout With Siding for HO

Simple layout is great base for expansion

This is a simple, common layout type found in all scales.  It allows simple two-train operation with blocks, as well as some switching and siding work.  Being so basic, it was also the perfect candidate for illustrating how layouts can be extended.  This layout itself is on a 4' by 8' board and uses standard switches, sectional HO track and 18" curves.

This 4' by 8' layout uses standard switches to make spur sidings and a passing siding.  It is a variant of one of the most popular layout types in all scales.

Here we append the previous layout (#8) to the left corner of the oval layout.  You can treat the oval layout as higher ground, and thus would connect with the switch at the bottom of the portside layout.  If it is water-level, then connect as shown with the pierside line of the portside pike.

Connecting at the opposite side from the lower freight siding of the portside layout.  The long passing siding of the oval layout can be elevated slightly, passing over the pier with a three-track bridge as shown. Naturally, these are only examples.  You can use the same principles to expand by connecting with other layouts.

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