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Long Pierside Railway Layouts for HO

Two 4' by 10' layouts for realistic waterfront operations

I was reminded of how the old Hoboken Shore RR used to course from River Street up to Hudson Street, cutting below Elysian Park.  Whole this little pair of layouts is NOT an accurate representation of the Hoboken Shore Railroad's operations, it captures some of the feel of it.  You get pierside operations plus an interchange with a mainline railway at the yard on the lower left / lower center of the layout.  Along with serving the wharves, this little railway would serve such waterfront industries as the propeller works.  You could even designate certain piers the "barge yard," where barges are repaired and maintained.

The layout was planned with 44-tonners, docksiders and similar small locomotives in mind.  You can run some of the medium road switchers as well.  However, since this dockside operation uses tighter curves (15" radius!) you won't want to run anything longer than an early GP or RS type.  The layout can stand "as is," functioning nicely on its own.  It can also be used an an expansion of an existing mainline freight layout.  Either way, it is packed with great action for the HO model railroader!

The mainline rises from water level to the bluff above, where it has facilities.  Sidings at the bottom would be the interface with a major freight hauler

Standard switches are used below, while #4 and #6 types are best for the upper area.  Atlas 15" radius curved track provides the tight curves

Here we add another siding at the right pier side, and one in the open space toward the upper left.  The latter would serve local industries.

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