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HO Switching Layouts

5' by 8' Layouts with plenty of switching action

These two layouts are unique.  They host two separate railways which interchange in the yard at the bottom.  While able to stand alone, our layouts can also be made as extensions for an existing pike.  Scenery illustrated here is but one of the myriad possibilities.  Both layouts are paradise the fan of freight operations which entail switching work.  These layouts require 5' by 8'.  That extra foot of depth makes all the difference!

This layout is actually two systems that bisect via the crossover at the right.  They interchange in the yard at the bottom.  The scenery depicted here uses a mountain to create a visual distance between the upper and lower sections..  It also allows making a tunnel to reach the spur inside the loop to the right.  I have drawn this like a pierfront, although it can serve any area.  Also, it is a ripe candidate to use as an extension to an existing layout.  

We remove sidings to allow a loop for continuous running via the upper / outer rail line.  It still interfaces with the inner line via the yard at the bottom.

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