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Five Point to Point HO Railways from One

Active track plans for a 4' by 8' HO layout

Starting with a basic point-to-point railway, four other opportunities present themselves.  Each of these little railroads offers a unique style of operation.  You can handle freight, commuter, trolley and branchline service.  As with our previous point-to-point systems, you can easily expand to a larger size, connecting with another layout if you wish.

This point to point layout provides excellent switching opportunities.

The inclusion of a crossover and bisecting line offers interesting possibilities.  In this case, it would make a nice shuttle-type line for trolleys, RDCs and Doodlebugs

Here a switch makes a connection, turning our bisecting line into a spur line or branch line.

Remove the crossover and add switches to make a line with sidings on one end and a small service line on the lower right.  The small line can be a commuter shuttle or small drill serving one small industry.

This version has two spurs ending in sidings. They could be service facilities for the railroad, branches serving small industries or secondary commuter stops.

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