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Point to Point Layout for HO

4' by 8' layout with an added independent line

This little railway is a fine, medium size pike representing a small, specialized railroad.  It might be an industrial railway, short line or branch line.  In the third version, an independent line is shown working through the bluff.  It could very easily be a mine or industrial line that interchanges with the railway at the upper right.  Imaginative hobbyists can do a lot with the scenery and theme.

I envisioned the independent line being host to small industrial switchers like the Porter and 44-Tonner, or if steam, Docksider-type tank locomotives.  The mainline, if freight, would do well with road switchers such as the RS3 and EMD GP series if diesel, and the smaller Mogul, Atlantic and Consolidation types for steam.  For a commuter system, RDCs and Doodlebugs would work well for the main while trolleys and rail buses suit the independent line.  This railway offers a lot for all types of HO railroading.

This simple point-to-point railway fits a 4' by 8'.  It includes various types of switching

It only takes a couple more sidings to add life to it, allowing for more challenging freight, commuter or mixed operations.

Optimally, the mainline rises to the top of a bluff.  A second unconnected line (blue track) runs below, cutting through the bluff.  There are two tricky elements to consider: a switch in a tunnel and a curve at a tunnel entrance.  The independent line might be a mine railway interfacing with the main line.  Spurs on the main can be terminals, separate industries and yard facilities. The bluff can be hilly, as shown, or an industrial zone or even part of an urban area.

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