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Conover Street Brick Mine Railway

Our Garden Railway

Spring, 2002

0-4-0 Porter Locomotive in Action

Though we had run other trains this year, the "test engine" for the day was the Bachmann Porter 0-4-0.  That Porter was our first Large Scale locomotive, and remains in use along with subsequent additions such as the HLW 4-4-0 American,  Aristocraft Rogers Tank Engine and 0-4-0 switcher, and the toy battery-operated 2-6-0 Moguls.  The Porter was given a run on the improved grade and cleared track.  We are satisfied that the Conover Street Brick Mine Railway is in tip-top shape for 2002 train running.

Our porter heads to the far side of the layout.  Marble chips and stones were added this season.

The Porter passes the station and windmill.

Our Porter passes the Brickwell on the inside loop.  Note Orange coleus behind the small pine.  

At the front on the inside loop.  You can see the new green stone and red sun coleus there.  Station and windmill are on the far right.

The Porter heads down the grade, with the heather on the far side.

Here's our Porter on the grade zipping past the heather plants.

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