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Conover Street Brick Mine Railway

Our Garden Railway

Spring, 2002

More Photos of the Garden!

Our big mistake last year was to use bark mulch inside the railway.  Much of it ended up on the tracks after rains and the Winter. Most has been cleared away, replaced with gravel, large rocks or plants.  Eventually we hope to have plants along the rear and sides of the Brickwell.  

Here's a better view of the garden.  Note the yellow gravel added between the heathers and the small pine to the right.  Just the right color to brighten up the right-of-way!

Looking to the far end.  The station is obscured by tiger lilies.

On the edge of the Brickwell, looking toward the station

Another view - you can see part of Audrey's shade garden alongside the garage.

The rear of the Porter locomotive is visible here.  The windmill was found among garden supplies at Target.

The Porter chugs on the outer loop.  This is the first Large Scale locomotive we bought..

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