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Our Garden Railway

Spring, 2002

It was a good time to improve our garden.  We added some large green stone for effect.  Also, the old wooden trestle was replaced with a gravel grade and retailing wall.  Audrey planed a variety of new things, from small trees to coleus plants and "Dusty Miller" plants.  A new farm-type windmill added to the list.  Take a look and see!

You can see the green rock added against the Brickwell and in the foreground.  Note also the miniature pines and coleus.  The heather has grown significantly!

The old wooden "trestle" was replaced with a grade.  The retaining wall is further supported by green stone.

View from the front of the retailing wall and gravel grade.  Yes, that's a sundial in the foreground.

The yucca has also grown.  The green stone behind it adds a "wild" aspect to the garden.

Atop the Brickwell are tiger lilies and inside "Dusty Miller" plans and a sun coleus.  Pink gravel was added alongside the track. Below the Brickwell is a coleus.  While planting it, Audrey found two more bricks.  Those familiar with the story behind our Railway know how bricks turn up in the most unexpected places.

Another view of the Brickwell

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